Being alone in going through this life is the most miserable experience one can ever go through! Seek someone you can shower with affection…someone who will reciprocate with the same intensity and honesty…and miracles will start to unfold! It is amazing what a person can do to make life all pink and roses for the one he cares for.


Have you ever stopped to wonder why the gas prices keep on going up? Did you think it was because of successive regional conflicts and political instability in the vicinity of and within the proximity of the oil producing countries? But ahh, sometimes prices shoot up even before a conflict starts!…sometimes even on mere rumours!

Oil speculators and traders, like shrewd market vendors, would jump the gun on everybody else and drive the prices up through a flurry of frenzied buying to stockpile reserves and make a killing when the speculated conflict or rumoured crisis actually arises; and crude oil prices finally shoots up.

The oil producers know this. The oil producers also know how totally dependent the whole world has become on their precious produce. They control production and can drive the prices up or down according to their whims and caprices. With trillions of dollars in oil revenue, they can even bankroll a conflict, finance terrorist activities, or create any form of regional instability because the end result will redound to their benefits.


Plastic! …plastic! Plastic everywhere.It is more than half a century since plastic was invented and became very much a part of our existence. It is only now that we are realizing the devastating residual effect of our dependence on plastic products – THE DISPOSAL OF WASTE PLASTIC PRODUCTS!Plastic is non-biodegradable and should not go into landfills. Burning them is definitely out of the question! Recycling them is turning out to be a myth! Curb side collected plastic wastes are actually reprocessed into different end products. Truth is only virgin plastics are used in the manufacture of new plastic bags and containers. And so, we see no end to the onslaught of plastic materials into our environment.This problem can be solved though by reducing our dependence on plastic products such as plastic shopping bags. In our own little way, we can help reduce the demand for plastic bags by using reusable shopping bags made of cotton.We can even take it a step further by crusading against the use of plastic shopping bags and trash bags among our friends and relatives. Encourage them to use reusable shopping bags made of cotton! This small step will go a long way in protecting our environment and Mother Earth from a major man made catastrophe! Make this as a personal advocacy and get everyone in your family circle involved and miracles will happen. Buy and use reusable shopping bags made of cotton.One on-line source for such is can buy bags in different colors from them like those shown below. I understand that shipping is free. Get everyone else to do the same. Be an advocate for Mother Earth.

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