Failure Of Philippine Elections In 2010 Is More Than Likely - Read This!

Remember Manuel Zelaya?....The former Honduran president who was ousted in June, 2009 through a military coup? Through an undoubtedly well-planned military operation executed in one single day, Zelaya was arrested and deported at gunpoint. He was supposed to complete his presidential term later this year but he was calling for a referendum to change the constitution so he can remain in power beyond the one term limit imposed by their constitution.

Apart from the similarities in their intentions to hang on to power beyond their constitutionally mandated term limits (of ousted Hondurian president Manuel Zelaya and incumbent Philippine president Gloria Arroyo), I am not inclined to discuss the Honduran incident any further than mentioning the common morbid intention of both leaders.

However, what struck me cold was an incident reported in the Honduran press after the ouster of Zelaya!

Computerized Election Results With No Election
july 10 | kdawson

Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 12:23:58 AM by Pessimist

"In Honduras, according to breaking Catalan newspaper reports (translations available, USA Today mention), authorities have seized 45 computers containing certified election results for a constitutional election that never happened. The election had been scheduled for June 28, but on that day the president, Manuel Zelaya, was ousted. The 'certified' and detailed electronic records of the non-existent election show Zelaya's side having won overwhelmingly."

Guess who supplied Honduras the computerized counting machines!.... The same consortium who will be supplying the machines for the Philippine's 2010 elections!... The same consortium that has supplied the same machines and kept Zelaya's friend and mentor Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in power!

With this revelation, you should not now wonder why practically everyone in Arroyo's cabinet have signified their intentions to run for public office in the coming 2010 elections! You should not wonder now why a practically unknown figure in Philippine politics, with no party affiliations at all to begin with, and only boasts of being Arroyo's Defense Secretary for a short while would run for the highest position in the country. You should not now wonder why Arroyo and her henchmen have the nerve and the gall to call for a charter change like Manuel Zelaya....why they have the nerve to go on wanton spending binges abroad while the rest of the country is mired in poverty!

You should no longer wonder...because Arroyo and her henchmen have the 2010 stage set to their advantage! They know they only need to wait for the 2010 elections and the results will be in their favor!

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Winners Of The IzeaFest Prize Pack


Today MarketLeverageTV becomes the MarketLeverage TV Network with multiple shows. And during the debut episode of WrapUp the winners of BenSpark's Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest will be chosen.

This contest sprang forth from the mind of Drew Bennett - AKA BenSpark (@BenSpark) after writing his list of 10 Essential items to bring with you to IZEAFest. While writing that post Drew was thinking about all the conferences that he's attended over the years and the things that were essential to a blogger at each event. His dream was to be able to provide those items as prizes to a lucky blogger who will be attending IZEAFest 2009. That along with his 10 Reasons to Attend IZEAFest 2009 gave him inspiration to ask for help in making his dream of giving a great prize pack to some lucky bloggers a reality.

So Drew went out and asked multiple sponsors for help. He is an IZEA Insider for the "I'm Not A Famous Blogger" Crew and as such was provided with tickets to IZEAFest. So prize number one was taken care of. You can't have an Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack without a ticket to IZEAFest. From there Drew recruited the generous help of Dina Riccobono (@MLDina) and MarketLeverage (@MarketLeverage) who provided Drew with an Asus Eee PC 1000HA and a Flip Mino HD that is Co-Branded and MarketLeverage!

Early on when Drew started his search for prizes he made a request from ZINK Imaging who gave him two Polaroid Pogos and 200 sheets of ZINK Paper. He uses one of them to create unique Business cards. When Drew meets you he asks you to take a photo with him using his Xshot. He then prints out an instant photo with his Pogo on ZINK paper and sticks it to the back of his business card. Drew is donating one of his Polaroid PoGos to the winner. He also secured An Xshot for each winner because there are two runner up winners who not only get IZEAFest Tickets (A fantastic and valuable prize in its own right) but they will each get a smaller prize pack.

Drew's friend Michael at Xshot hooked him up with a business contact in the Flipbac Innovations Company and they kicked in some Flipbac (@flipbac) angled viewfinder and LCD screen protectors for digital cameras as prizes. Each Runner up gets one of those and Drew has a few extra to give away at IZEAFest.

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