"Political warlords massacring 57 female foes, lawyers, newsmen, and passersby. The President running for Congress, together with four family members. Appointees campaigning for various offices but not resigning as the law requires. Crime cohorts also running for office instead of going to jail. The 2010 election is off to a most indecent start. So this early Filipinos can say they’re headed for politics worse than ever." - from  GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc (The Philippine Star) Updated December 02, 2009 

The following photos have been circulating around social networks particularly at Facebook yet they have not seen the light of day on the pages of major dailies! Gruesome? Monstrous? You bet! I am publishing them here so the world will see to what extent these monsters will go to remain in power! Warning: if you have a weak heart, please don't proceed any further!

 For a clear recap on the Maguindanao Massacre, here is a link to Jun Mercado's account of the incident including an insight of the various incidents leading to this fatal day - The Maguindanao Massacre Part 1.