Villar's refusal to face the senate inquiry on the C5 Extension Project only confirms suspicion that he had indeed enriched himself in office. If he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear in the senate inquiry. But his continued refusal to attend the senate session serves as proof of his guilt. If he is innocent as he and his party mates claim he is, there is nothing that should stop him to clear his name on the issue. He can not be trusted much less expected to have transparency in governance should his billions in campaign funds succeed in buying him into Malacanang!  To think that as a senator, he can already do such much more when he becomes president.  Kung walang bahid according to Dolphy, bakit takot humarap at ilabas ang katotohanan. All these so-called righteous people Villar supporters, like Senator Legarda, Joker Arroyo, Peter Cayetano, and Satur Ocampo should talk Villar into facing thecharges hurled against him....lest their own credibility goes down with him. If they think Villar's billions in his campaign kitty will buy them through this controversy, they may be in for the biggest surprise in their political careers....they may all find themselves in the dust bin of political history.

A Philippines that works

    The latest display of parliamentary behavior best exemplifies why we desperately need a Philippines that works. Biro ninyo, pati ba ho naman sex jokes at personalang pagpapatol ang tinitira ng ibang mga senador.

    Hindi daw sisipot sa senado ang akusado dahil he "will not get a fair trial.” I'm sorry Mr Villar, pero bilyones ho ng taongbayan ang pinaguusapan dito. Don't WE deserve a fair trial?

    This is why the Philippines “doesn’t work” in so many different levels: because the system has shamelessly been broken by its leaders.

    This is why we need change. This is why we need transformation. Kaya po kailangan natin ng mga pinunong may paninindigan. We’ve entrusted our country to that kind of leadership before, I don’t see why we can’t do it again.

    Tita Cory’s birthday rekindled the memory of those golden years – as golden as the sunshine she wore. Her sunlight has been cast on her son, and last week at the MBC, I don’t think anyone could dispute that in his economic policy speech he radiated the wisdom, integrity and practical-mindedness we need in a leader.

    The battlecry is simple: pag walang korapt, walang mahirap. The mission itself may be more challenging. It will involve all of us working together as a nation to set in motion the plans Sen Noynoy Aquino has beautifully envisioned (I highly recommend you take time to read or watch the speech).

    Tayo, sa halip na ikaw at ako. Pag nagkaisa tayo, we are well on our way toward a Philippines that works.

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