While tinkering with the settings of my Blogger account yesterday, I changed some settings i.e.,I simplified the URL name so it will carry the name Traders' Hub. It was too late for me to realize that my established links will not find my site after that. I panicked after comingto the realization that I threw away 3 months of hard work. I rushed over immediately to Technorati to make the necessary changes but guess what? Stupid me! When I couldn't make the changes in my registered URL, I added the new address and deleted the old one thinking the rankings will automatically pass on to the new address since it is basically the same blog! But hell, I lost everything! My ranking and links! Poor, poor me. I started contacting everyone in the various networks I am affiliated with. I even got into a nasty exchange of posts with another blogger who just added me as a friend. He thought my frantic effort to recover my lost linkages was an unwelcomed solicitation for new links. (Although I do admit I took a jab at it with a line or two in a broadcast I sent out to my communities). He resented the message. Smarting from the rebuff from the guy, I consoled myself with the task of rebuilding my links. Thank God, because I saw this post from another blogger friend and so I jumped into writing this post as per his instructions hoping this would really do miracles for me.

The original post is from Brad Blogging site (http://bradblogging.com/more-traffic/give-and-go-technorati-authority-increase-anyone/) but I stumbled on it at my friend's site (My Ideas For You - http://myi4u.me/). I believe in what he said. I believe it will help us increase our Technorati Authority. Guess I don't have much choices anyway. If it works, share it with others.

1. Copy all the LINKS below into a blog post of your own.
2. Add your link to the list
3. Comment on this post so that your link will be updated
4. Watch your Technorati Authority sky-rocket