Yes! That is his name - Takayuki. My wife and my three daughters fondly call him Taka. His parents moved in to our neighborhood while his mother was still pregnant with him barely a year ago. His father is a Japanese national while his mother is a Filipina. Yuki was born a month before I left for the U.S. I still remember seeing him being taken out in the mornings by her mom for his daily sunning sessions. What I never expected was this slinky eyed baby will be the jewel of the eyes of my wife and my three daughters.

My own daughters are grown ups now although all three are still attending college. Having grown up together with barely a year each in between them, they never really had the joy and the experience of taking care of a kid brother or sister. So all three have always been fond of babies. They, including my wife never really mind babysitting for neighbors. In fact they love it. There is a different joy and excitement in the house when there is a baby around.

At one time when one of my daughters came home from school, she chanced upon Taka crying so hard in the hands of his mom. My daughter, a nursing student, offered to help. The mom without hesitation, handed over the crying Taka to her and lo and behold the baby stopped crying. My daughter was allowed to bring Taka home to the delight of everyone in my house. From then on, Taka became a regular in the house. And lately, I heard that the baby Taka sleeps over frequently with my daughters. There is not a day that Taka won't be at our house after my daughters come home from school because whoever among them comes home first will pass by our neighbor's house and borrow the baby.

Today, a certain sadness is felt by everyone in the house. Taka is going home to Japan with his family on October 9. All that will be left will be the fond memories of this adorable, slinky eyed Takayuki. My daughters and my wife know that baby Taka is too young to ever remember the 3 young misses who adorably love him so much and the misses's mother who Taka has also learned to call mom. For posterity's sake, and to at least perpetuate the memory of my family's lovely experience with baby Taka, I am posting their pictures together in my blog.